Proporciona la mejor #depilación a los clientes de tu centro de #estética con el #láser de #diodo #elysion-pro. ¿Puedes imaginarte todo lo que harás con la alta #potencia 2000W y las dos #longitudes de onda (755nm y 810nm)? ... Ver másVer menos

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El #equipo #internacional de #formación de cocoon medical ha estado en Australia con Cryomed Aesthetic Lasers y Renew Medispa by Hunter Plastic Surgery. ¡Saca el máximo partido a tu #equipo #médico de #crioadipólisis #cooltech gracias a nuestros #workshops #especializados llevados a cabo por nuestras formadoras altamente cualificadas! #cooltecharoundtheworld ... Ver másVer menos

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Desde cocoon medical queremos expresar todo nuestro apoyo a las victimas y familiares del atentado de Barcelona. Hoy más que nunca #todossomosbarcelona

Des de cocoon medical volem transmetre el nostre suport a les víctimes i famílies de l'atemptat a Barcelona. Avui més que mai #totssombarcelona
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Rebeca Jiménez

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D. Torres
primelase HR patient. Man 32 years old. Treated area: chest
It is my second session with primelase HR, I want to remove all my chest hair. After the first session, it took a month and a half for the hair to grow. On the second session, I didn’t feel any pain because there was less hair. I am very pleased because I am noticing the […]
cooltech patient. Woman 43 years old. Treated area: abdomen.
I’ve had a really good experience with the cooltech treatment. This treatment is 100% effective for reducing localized fat; In my case, the reduction of fat took place quickly after the first session. It’s non-invasive and didn’t hurt at all.
J. Díaz
cooltech patient. Man 38 years old. Treated area: flanks and abdomen
The treatment was better than expected in that they mentioned to me the possibility of feeling a bit of tingling and pain after it was finished, but that didn’t happen. The results were visible after about a month and I actually noticed a decrease in volume in treated areas and I’m very happy.
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