Ayer recibimos en nuestras oficinas centrales a más de 20 doctores con el objetivo de presentar nuestra #tecnologia #fatfreezing en nuestro evento #coolmeeting
Súmate a nuestro movimiento #feelcool y descubre cómo la tecnología conduce nuestro crecimiento!
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Esta noche empieza nuestro evento #coolmeeting en el que la #remodelación corporal mediante #frío será la protagonista!
No te pierdas nuestras actualizaciones y descubre como la tecnología #fatfreezing puede cambiar tu vida y súmate a nuestro movimiento #feelcool
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Time to get some new technology

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Clinical Unit Manager
Fabiola León

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Ana Rodriguez
primelase excellence patient. Woman, 32 years old. Treated area: full legs and bikini area
I have had two sessions done and what I’d like to highlight the most is that the hair quickly begins to diminish and, when it grows, it’s in less quantity. Also, the sessions are very fast and it hardly hurts, I’d have had it done before!
cooltech patient. Woman 43 years old. Treated area: abdomen.
I’ve had a really good experience with the cooltech treatment. This treatment is 100% effective for reducing localized fat; In my case, the reduction of fat took place quickly after the first session. It’s non-invasive and didn’t hurt at all.
J. Díaz
cooltech patient. Man 38 years old. Treated area: flanks and abdomen
The treatment was better than expected in that they mentioned to me the possibility of feeling a bit of tingling and pain after it was finished, but that didn’t happen. The results were visible after about a month and I actually noticed a decrease in volume in treated areas and I’m very happy.
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